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Working in PR, I'm fortunate to meet lots of interesting people. I met Joe, Assistant Editor of Computer News Middle East and after 10 minutes realised he is probably one of the funniest guys I will ever meet. Along with making everyone laugh, he has more style than he gives himself credit for.
As my mum would say, what a lovely boy...
Hi Joe, what’s up?
By 4 Non Blondes? – I’ll have that song in my head all day now.
Would you say that the CNME staff members are stylish?
We’re all prone to the occasional red carpet day – but certain members definitely drag down our mean average of stylishness – I won’t name names.
What’s your go to outfit?
With fear of sounding like a ponce, I’d say a suit. There’s at least one perfect suit for every man, regardless of shape or size. When you throw on a suit you feel classy, you feel fresh, you feel in charge, and it’s great for self-confidence. But you need to have an awareness of what’s too far for certain situations. Someone’s initials stitched into their shirt collar is my pet peeve. That’s only acceptable in junior school through fear of misplacing your PE shirt.
You go to a lot of events for work, do you like getting dressed up?
Yes, I’m huge fan of ties and jackets, so any excuse to ruffle up something neat is good for me.
When you wear a suit, do you feel like James Bond?
Is this a trick question? I only wear a suit to feel like James Bond – though I wear a hand-me-down Casio, and not an Omega, sadly.
How would you describe your style?
Subconscious. I’ve no idea what I’m looking for when I shop – however, I tend to (these days) stray closer to smart rather than casual, purely because of taste. I like shirts, collars, sweaters – I’m not into loud colours or big trainers. I don’t know the categories really. I’m not a punk or a hipster. I’ve really no idea where I land.
Favourite brand?
I don’t really shop by brand. I’m a mid-market kind of guy. However, I do have a soft spot for H&M. Their clothes are always really cool. They have a lot of variety in terms of material and colour in their smart range. You can get a purple blazer, if you wanted to – that’s my kind of shop. Not to mention, they’re always well priced too. Plus – they’ve recently increased the David Beckham underwear range, and he is a dream boat.
Do you colour coordinate your wardrobe?
No, I just keep to earthy colours. I recently purchased some dark green jeans, as well as some copper (I guess) chinos and I love them both. For smart wear, I will match my shirt and ties as well as my male instincts allow me to.
Tell us about your favourite t-shirt…
A Muse tour T-shirt from Wembley stadium. It was the Resistance tour in 2010. I washed it with some reds by accident and now it’s pink – another casualty of the same incident was a pair of David Beckham boxer shorts funnily enough. It’s been months, but I’m far from over it.
What would you wear on your dream date and who would it be with?
Well the date would be with Eva Green, but only as Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale. And in such circumstances I would wear a tuxedo and we’d play out Bond scenes from the movie (I would actually do this). Though I’ve been told I resemble more of a Q character as opposed to 007. But let’s see what she says.
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