Marwa's Mar Mar

Buying jewellery is a very personal thing. When looking for the perfect new addition to the wardrobe, there is something exciting about discovering something that stands out from the cut and copy designs available on the high street. There is no denying it, everyone loves a little blue box, but finding new designers and styles keeps things interesting!

Mar Mar designer Marwa Kharsa has an eye for creating beautiful pieces, while incorporating black rhodium, champagne diamonds, rubies and turquoise for the added ‘wow’ factor. Steering clear of traditions shapes, she recreates objects such as a necklace of Lady Gaga, rings with hearts and guns, as well as on trend skulls.

Not only is Mar Mar a go to for out of the box accessories, they come from one of the most talented new designers in the region. Whether it’s a statement piece you are looking for, or staple piece to add to your everyday look, there is sure to be something that will take your fancy!

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