Black Out

Black is the go-to colour for many women. Whether it’s due to its versatility or the fact it is supposedly the most slimming colour, here at Maya’s Closet we believe that black is great  - in moderation. There is no denying that a black t-shirt or pair of trousers are great for every wardrobe, if it’s the only colour that you are wearing it might be time for a change.

 It’s a cycle that endless people find themselves in, choosing black because it’s easy and blends into the background. However, as we all know, your outfit choices represent your personality to others – and all black is saying is that you want to blend into the background, which we highly doubt! With so many colours available, why not mix it up and add splash of excitement.

As for it being a slimming colour… If you have confidence you don’t need to rely on a colour to make you feel better about yourself. Plus, if you have a positive outlook, any colour is going to make you feel great. If you can’t bear the thought of block colours, we encourage you to mix your love for black with patterns and colored details. J Walking in Style has a beautiful selection of t-shirts with gorgeous, fun detailing. Black with a splash of colour, perfect for every occasion and on trend!

While we don’t want you walking out the door looking like a rainbow, it would be a missed opportunity not to take advantage of all hues available. 

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