Fashion Time

With Milan Fashion Week in full swing, every fashionista is dissecting every trend and style created by endless designers. Additionally, with the recent London Fashion week and New York Fashion week, there is a lot of comparing going on. The spotlight on the designers is immense and the execution of these runway shows can make or break a fashion label. For Maya’s Closet, it is a time to review fashion and allows for comparison between global talents and the Middle East.

We believe that the Middle Eastern designers are on par with any of the established brand being showcased, and we believe that they possess the skills, creative flair and individually to create looks have the ability to rival anything available in the Western world. One thing we have noticed is that the regional designers often accessorize  their looks to complement their designs. As well as this, it seems that due to the backgrounds of many of the designers from the Middle East, the influences and stories behind the clothing comes across in a clearer and more direct way.

Now, we love all designers, don’t get us wrong, but we are believe that the Middle Eastern designers have the ability to share the spotlight with any of the designers seen in New York, London or Milan! 

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