Being Brave

Being brave can be difficult, and scary. Whether it is professionally or personally, the courage it takes to make a change can be daunting.  Maya’s Closet strives to highlight the individuals that take the brave leap into the fashion world – a leap as hard as any, if not more so.  With so much competition within the marketplace, up and coming designers put a lot on the line when they decide to make the professional move into fashion. 

As we all know, creating a brand is more than just the products that are sold. From the fashion design, marketing, sales and creative development, there is an endless amount of things to keep on top of. Maya’s Closet appreciates this, and likes to acknowledge the bravery of the designers that we work with.  The Middle East has seen endless turmoil over the last few years, which only increases the achievements of the young designers. Additionally, with increasing popularity from the western hemisphere, the designers have put the talent from the region center stage.

Most of all, the whole Maya’s Closet takes the bravery of the designers and try to implement it our work.

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