Pushing the work-wear boundaries

Is it just us, or are women taking the workforce by storm at the moment?  Everyone is climbing the career ladder, and they are wearing some fabulous outfits while doing so. Not only does an out make a statement about a person, it has the ability to give you endless amounts of confidence. Plus, after the power suits of the 90’s, it’s important that we take the opportunity to experiment with our personal style while confined to office hours.

A versatile work wardrobe should allow you to go from day to night in a flash, and should accommodate your personal style and office restrictions. Everyone knows what is and isn’t appropriate and rather than getting creative to personalize within the limitations, many people stick to what they know and rely on dark colours to fade into the background.

Choosing items with unique detailing helps make an ordinary piece stand out. Whether it be studs, beads, screen prints or embroidery, look for outfits that are designed to make a lasting impression. Each designer has a different way of personalizing their fashion, allowing you to make choices that are not ‘samey’ rather individualistic and unique to you.  We are so lucky to have so much choice now, express ourselves in what we wear and more….who wants to be blend into a crowd? Not us, we always are on the lookout for something that is eye-catching and edgy, funky, yet stylish.

Mixing patterns and fabrics show your individuality and fun side. People are attracted to textures and are naturally drawn to patterns, so why not use it to your advantage? Rather than wearing block colours, experiment with striped and spots, and incorporate these into your existing wardrobe. Add some layering to the look and you are on trend!  Rocking your individual trend. 

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