Dressing for your shape

Women (and men) come in endless shapes and sizes, which is one of the great ways that we differ. However, it can be disheartening going into high-end stores where it feels like all the pieces have been designed for a shape that very few people have. This issue can lead to people believing that they need to wear ‘whatever they can find’ and ‘pick up the things that fit.’ We have all had a day of shopping that’s ended in disaster, feeling frumpy, grumpy and all over unhappy - but, it really doesn’t have to be like this ladies!

Regardless of you shape of figure, the important thing is looking for brands that accommodate a variety of cuts and designs, with the differing sizes in mind.  Yes, the high-street is an easy go-to, but it’s the up and coming designer’s and one of pieces that really highlight different shapes and cuts. Not only are you more likely to see a wider selection of styles due to lack of mass production and the designers experimenting, but you don’t have to compromise on detailing, personal fashion preferences or quality!

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