Blast from the Past

70s fashion

The best part of living in this era is being able to channel styles from your favorite decades into your daily outfits….creating your own individual style, look.

The 60s were everything hippy. The next decade brought with it bell bottoms, mini-skirts (that became shorter and turned into micro skirts. Midi skirts up to the mid calf length and full length maxi skirts also became quite popular), crop tops and wrap dresses, what’s not to love about fashion in the 70s, the disco era?

All the aforementioned fashion items are still hot pieces to incorporate in your outfit nowadays. A quick look through Maya’s Closet shows us several 70s trends that have been carried into this era, the 21st century.

A groovy 70s inspired look is easily created with Lulwa Al Amin’s reversible Heart Top and Skirt Duo. Only touches this outfit requires is non-fussy straight hair and 'natural' look makeup.

At Maya’s Closet we firmly believe in effortlessly chic fashion items. In the famous words of the late Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashion fades, style is eternal”. So let’s revisit the past and bring them back.

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