New Year's

What should be on your fashion wish list for 2014

Ah, the new year has come upon us already and it’s filled with new hopes and dreams. Hold on. Let’s not forget our fashion wish list for 2014!

What have you got your eye on in 2014 to add to your beloved clothes collection? Over the years you will find that your personal style evolves each year (or in some cases several times a year) whether it’s your hair, beauty, the way you accessorize and your outfits of choice.

The fashionistas who shop at Maya’s Closet, visit the site to get a fix for their craving for all that is unique, timeless and sophisticated. Take the Hilda Maha Flared Silk Dress for instance, there’s no new yearly trends list that would cross this beauty off that list. It’s chic, stylish and above all timeless.

What this means is that Maya’s Closet fans and customers do not succumb to being fashion victims, no need for the so called “new trends of 2014”. Maya's Closet women like to be different and stand out of the crowds in a tasteful and sophisticated way.

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