A little TLC

Product care

As a fashionista, you never tire of looking for that special dress, bag or pair of shoes to add to your prized collection – especially if they’re the hottest item – and finally getting your hands on it. Now, what we shouldn’t forget is to cherish it!

At Maya’s Closet we understand that thrill of finding a unique piece, and the inspiration behind us creating our online fashion boutique which acts as a platform for designers who create wonderful fashion pieces – craved by many fashionistas. The designers have dedicated many hours on each individual item, put effort, love and creativity to their craft and every single time manage to create something beautiful, quirky and original.

Considering how much energy is put into each piece by every designer we carry on Maya’s Closet (www.mayas-closet.com), we have to say – show those babies a little tender loving care - TLC!

Here are a couple of tips to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your timeless pieces for a long time – we've gone the extra mile in sharing with you detailed care instructions on the site for each item:

Silk - While dry-cleaning is fine for silk pieces, it’s even better to handwash them to keep them in good shape. Always store silk in a dry dark place, and never keep in it in plastic since the fabric needs to breathe.

Cotton - Cotton garments can be washed in the machine with any detergent, and bleach can be used as needed, especially if it’s white’s only.

Leather - The best way to keep leather clean is to simply use a damp cloth.

Velvet - Velvet is a hard fabric to clean yourself, so getting it dry cleaned is always advised. If you prefer your velvet items not to have an iron print on it, don’t iron it! Instead, use a steamer to get the creases out. 

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