East meets West

Middle Eastern trends influencing Western Fashion world

The Middle Eastern culture is unique in many ways, with diverse cuisines, art, rich history, vibrant & original fashion sense and more.

For fashionistas looking for original pieces that combine a Western look with a Middle Eastern touch, there are limited places that carry such edgy fashion. Maya’s Closet is not only a platform for Middle Eastern designers to showcase their latest designs, but also the destination of choice for all fashion lovers looking to collect statement pieces that reflect their quirky, fun, and stylish persona. Maya’s Closet is the fashion online destination with Middle Eastern flavor.

Looking for a funky bag to wear on the weekends or during your weekly shopping sprees – not a boring one, rather one that gives your outfit some zing? Fyunka’s Burqaa Lipstick Black Clutch bag is a perfect example of how East meets West in a really fun way. The illustration used on this bag is the traditional Emirati burqaa, which is a traditional metallic-coloured embroidered cloth used to cover part of the face, and, these days, is only used by the older generation.

What is your favorite East meets West fashion item? Share it in our comments section. 

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