Effortlessly chic

What gives you that little extra je-ne-se-quoi…?

An effortlessly chic look is not difficult to achieve. It’s not a look that you find ready-made hanging on racks in stores at the malls.

Being effortlessly chic stands for being confident and possessing a unique streak, a desire to put your own personal mark to your look….

Maya’s closet is the home to a carefully selected range of cutting-edge designers – from across the Middle East – who have the following in common: innovative, stylish and original fashion with a cultural flavor.

What gives me that little extra je-ne-se-quoi you ask? As stated above, don’t aim for screaming outfits, don’t follow trends blindly as they may not suit you. Picture yourself wearing a little black dress, add Mar Mar’s “What About Love” - ring, hair in a tight pony tail, and end result is you have your own original outfit with a personal touch.

Now imagine that same LBD, hair down in lovely loose curls and add Palestyle’s “Talet Amar” - handbag, there you go – a classy and romantic look.

Anybody can be effortlessly chic, all you have to do is be confident, think simple and remember: It’s all in the detail. Don’t be a follower of fashion…rather be an inspiration to others!

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