Sparkling Hanan

  Tell us who Hanan is and what she does in every day life…
Hehehe... well for the moment I do not have a social life as I’m working as hard as possible on my graduation collection at ESMOD. However, when I do have free time on my hands (which is rarely), I love spending it with my family…

 From an entrepreneurial point of view, what is the most important process in establishing your own fashion line? (H.N.A Jewels)
From my own experience, I would definitely have to say that even as small as you think your line might be, do go ahead and get your brand name trademarked!

As for starting a line, always have some experience before you start up. It’s good to get your dos and don’ts rather than starting from scratch. As cliché as this may sound, apply for an internship and learn from your mentor and in some cases, the designer themselves! The closer to the actual visionary, the better!

Since you’re experienced in fashion and producing your own products, has this limited your creativity or fed it, and why?
As a designer, at some points you do face limitations. The only way to spark that creativity for each collection is to pick an object, location or subject to be the main inspiration. This way you are focused on that specific topic of design, rather than trying too hard to wrap your mind around your limits. Let that inspiration feed your creativity! As stuck as you may be, do not ever copy other designers as it'll never go unnoticed!


Have you noticed a change when Maya’s Closet introduced H.N.A. Jewels as part of the brands they carry?
Definitely! Maya's Closet's founder Sawsan Ghanem was very selective when it came to choosing the brands to carry on Maya’s Closet. She chose the regions favorite, emerging and growing local designers! That being said, I'm so honored to be a part of it...Not only did it increase my sales, it gave me a boost of confidence in my brand, so… thank you Sawsan!

Where do you see emerging designers in the Middle East go in terms of trends, what’s hot right now?
Honestly... I love just how ON TREND most of the designers just are! Spot on in some cases. For me personally, I'm loving over sized boxy shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, you name it!

They are all super on trend and so hot right now! As for fabrics, summer or not… looks like leather's is here to stay for this year and not going away soon too, same goes for sailor stripes!  

Tell us about your aspirations and dreams for the next 10 years…
After graduating from ESMOD, I would definitely love to take just a 1 year course in the marketing side of fashion. After a business course I would preferably would like to work for a designer abroad to get proper and actual experience in the real world for 2 years. Hopefully I’ll be experienced enough by then to start my own clothing line. I’d like to see myself open my own flagship store within a decade, if not sooner of course! J

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