Funky Fyunka

Hi Alaa, when did you decide to start Fyunka and what were the goals that you wanted to achieve with setting up Fyunka?
Right before I graduated I knew I wanted to have my own brand. The goal was to create something pretty and make people smile.

You’re originally from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but currently live in New York City – what do you miss about home?
Family, Friends and Food

Tell us about your blog and you being a social media enthusiast, how do you incorporate this with your business?
I try to reach out with social media and it’s amazing how social media can be an influencer to trends.

If there’s anything that is lacking in the fashion scene in the Middle Eastern region compared to New York, what is it?
I would say originality and consistency, although we have lots of amazing brands.

As an aspiring women’s wear fashion designer, what fashion trends here in Middle East would you consider to incorporate in your future fashion line?
I just started an apparel line so I would call myself a fashion designer

We were at Fashion Forward 2014 and spotted new bags and accessories, lots of exciting new products coming from you, what can you share about the upcoming line?
You’ll be seeing more apparel and more bags for now.

Tell us how your collaboration with Casio came about (we’re really excited about this!)
They reached out for collaboration and I was a huge Baby G fan in the 90s and I guess we're bringing them back with Fyunka.

In what ways can the region still develop do you wish for the Middle Eastern fashion industry to change, or improve, in order to be the best it can offer us fashionistas in the region?
I truly believe that branding is key.

 Last question real quick; your favorite fashion brand and why, go!   

I love Sotra and Razan Alazzouni.

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