Summers in the Middle East – How to stay fashionable

One of the most go-to topics for small talk is the weather. In the Middle East it is rather focused on the summer heat. How did it get this hot and humid? Was it this hot last year as well? Temperatures are rising and we manage living in the heat by limiting our time outside and focus on activities inside, where the a/c is on full-blast.

How do we make sure to still look good and elegant when we DO have to be outside during those 5 minutes of walking over to our car/taxi?

Simple. Keep it simple, keep it loose! Summer dresses can easily be combined with pumps or sandals, and when entering the blistering cold of your offices or home – layer it up with a smart cardigan or jacket. Same goes for this summer trend – the midi skirt. Combine it with a funky loose fitting shirt and you’re ready for the day!  

Hilda Maha's Flared Silk Dress - Perfect for the heat
Loose fitting clothes are key to overcoming these heat – don’t restrict yourself in tight fitting clothes, rather go for flowy and clothes that allow you to stay cool in the heat.

If it’s still too hot for you to handle  you might want to restore to some cosmetics. We’re a huge fan of Evian’s amazing facial mist – spray it on your face during those moments when you need some H2O to survive and you’ll be alright ;).  

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